Each of our teams works with a community partner in NYC, find out more about them below.


Community Partner

They work closely with the NYC H2O project to design solutions for understanding and revitalizing a large watershed area north of New York City.

  • Bailee Irvine
  • Sofia Hernandez
  • Marchelle Lundquist
  • Emelia Suljic

Equal Solar

Community Partner

This team is trying to address the challenge of sustainable energy production in Harlem - particularly exploring how solar energy solutions may be brought to residents in low income areas

  • Nikhil Jain
  • Kevin Le
  • Amita Shukla
  • Noah Gallant

Harlem Grown

Community Partner

This team is attempting to design solutions for optimizing and educating the community about the amazing operations of Harlem Grown.

  • Shyamolie Biyani
  • Priyanka Mariwala
  • Ella Tieze
  • Kanna Atarashi
  • Miranda Simes


Community Partner

Having worked directly alongside young adults with experience in the juvenile justice system last year, this group is now expanding on their research by building a new relationship with Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) to discuss new design solutions for court monitoring and further improving the justice system.

  • Ruchi Kirtikar
  • Anna Sugrue
  • Kavya Tewari
  • Natalie Schmidt
  • Leora Einleger
  • Olivia Korostoff-Larsson

Art in Odd Places

Community Partner

They collaborated with the founder to revitalize Art in Odd Places' public art festival in October. They have also been brainstorming how art can be used in public spaces to serve the Columbia university campus and community.

  • Aaron Smithson
  • Erika Inoue
  • Celine Chen
  • Grant Der Manouel

Marcus Garvey/Grow Up Green

Community Partner

This team is currently investigating how to optimize art and green installations in Upper Manhattan to revitalize the public space of the community.

  • Rowan Gossett
  • Amaya Mangaldas
  • Daniela Casalino
  • Juliet Sloane

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