Each of our teams works with a community partner in NYC, find out more about them below.

Carbon Foodprint

Community Partner

How can we create a broadly applicable way for restaurants to assess their carbon foodprints

  • Neeti Kapadia
  • Cyrus Hadavi
  • Emelia Suljic
  • Nick Kime
  • Linfeng Collins

Worker's Rights

Community Partner

  • Pallavi Sreedhar
  • Andre O'Quinn
  • Aliza Lifshitz

Police Reform

Community Partner

How can we create a digital, publicly accessible dataset about police reform through court monitoring?

  • Efe Alonge
  • Nikhil Jain
  • Brandon Shi
  • Emily Li
  • Robert Winton


Community Partner

How can we improve street food vendors' physical comfort at work?

  • Sumer Drall
  • Grace El-Fishawy
  • Connor Haseley
  • Perrin Anto Jones
  • Lillian Zhang


Community Partner

How can we activate public spaces on Columbia's campus in order to cultivate casual social interactions amongst students?

  • Meghna Mehta
  • Aaron Smithson
  • Benjamin Ginsburg
  • Ethan Rankin
  • Eleanor Davol

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